January 2014 Newsletter

The Museum’s New Web Site Launchedwww.irish-us.org!

The Museum officially has launched its new Web Site:  www.irish-us.org  It is an exciting new interactive site with great new content files that you can access on a number of platforms, including computers, cell phones, tablets and other devices with links to our Facebook,  Twitter and YouTube pages.  The new site makes navigation far easier and includes photo galleries not only of our events but also of our exhibits-take a “virtual tour of our exhibits.”  We have guest contributors, including Irish American Chef Harold Qualters’s monthly commentaries on Irish Cooking that include recipes and photos of the classes he conducts.  Our Calendar of Events is updated regularly and includes our Resident Genealogist Lisa Walsh Dougherty’s Genealogy Workshops and Sessions at the Museum.  Learn how to volunteer and support the Museum’s educational mission. View our four minute video about the Irish in America narrated by acclaimed Irish American actor William Devane, produced by Albany’s Cotton Hill Studios/Fingerpaint Marketing. Connect to us through an easy email via our new Web Site.  Our new site was made possible by an educational grant from the Workforce Development Institute and its leaders Ed Murphy and Paul Shatsoff with the help of web designer Ryan Goodenough. We extend great appreciation to the Museum’s volunteer Information Technology Director Sean Mulvey who managed the entire project, coordinating everyone’s involvement and guiding us through the six-month effort.  Check out the Museum’s brilliant new Web Site!

Currently on Display: The Irish in the American Civil War

In commemoration of the Civil War sesquicentennial, the Irish American Heritage Museum honors the service of the Irish through our exhibit “The Irish in the American Civil War.” This show takes an in-depth look at Union regiments from New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts, as well as Confederate regiments from Louisiana and Tennessee.  This information is supplemented by the fantastic prints of the Irish by such celebrated artists as Don Troiani, Mort Künstler, and Bradley Schmehl and period memorabilia not seen during the exhibit’s first presentation in 2012.  Wednesday-Friday,11:00 a.m.; Saturday & Sunday, 12 noon – 4:00 p.m. Metered parking on weekdays; free street parking on weekends.  Please do not park in the private lots behind the Museum.

Albany During the Civil War: Presented by Dennis Gaffney

Join the Museum and author Dennis Gaffney on Sunday, January 19, at 1:00 p.m. for an in-depth look at the City of Albany and its involvement during the American Civil War.  Dennis Gaffney is a writer who explores history, culture, and politics.  He has written profiles, news and travel stories, essays, humor, and magazine pieces for publications such as the New York Times, Reader’s Digest, and Mother Jones, as well as for the companion websites to the PBS TV shows Antiques Roadshow and The American Experience.

Gaffney’s book, The Civil War: the Seven Day Scholar Exploring History One Week at a Time, has been widely praised as a reader-friendly way to learn about the Civil War.  This volume in the Seven-Day Scholar series brings to life significant moments in our nation’s heroic tragedy, the Civil War and coincides with its 150th anniversary. The book is organized into fifty-two chapters, corresponding to the weeks in the year; and each week has a theme – what ignited the war, Antietam, soldiers’ food and drink, the 54th Massachusetts, the Gettysburg Address, Vicksburg, medical care, Lincoln’s assassination, why the North won, and many more.  Join us for intriguing insights into local history and events during the Civil War! Albany street parking is free on the weekends.  Please do not park in the private lots behind the Museum.

Don’t Iron While the Strike is Hot! Youth Theatre Performance

The Irish American Heritage Museum is proud to be working with DRAMAcademics Educational Youth Theater to bring its performance of Don’t Iron While the Strike is Hot! to the Museum on Saturday January 18th at 2:00 p.m.  The musical, written by Ruth Henry, tells the story of young Irish immigrant Kate Mullany, her organization of the Collar Laundry Union in 1864 in Troy, N.Y. — the first bona fide female labor union in the country – and its strike of the collar manufacturers. The performance is produced and performed by students ranging from age 8-15.  This is a fun and engaging local history lesson for all ages and is being offered for free at the Museum (please see Calendar below).  Hope to see you there! Albany street parking is free on the weekends.  Please do not park in the private lots behind the Museum.

Exhibit Opening on Feb. 1 —  Irish and the Human Condition

Join artists Roy Stevens, Susan Beadle, and Kevin Morgan as they present the ways in which  Irish culture both shaped and melded with American culture.  A collection of photographs, paintings, stained glass, and objects will be displayed to show both the external and internal aspects of the human condition as it relates to Irish heritage.  The exhibit opens on Saturday, February 1, with a reception from 3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.  The “Irish and the Human Condition” exhibit will be on display through March: Wednesday-Friday,11:00 a.m.; Saturday & Sunday, 12 noon – 4:00 p.m. Metered parking on weekdays; free street parking on weekends.  Please do not park in the private lots behind the Museum.

Save the Dates Alert!

The Museum is planning a number of family events in March to honor St. Patrick, including our Second Annual Irish Soda Bread Competition on Saturday, March 8.  First, second & third place winners of each of three categories of soda bread baking receive prizes.  Visit ourWeb site for our calendar of events, to see photos of last year’s events and soda bread gathering of 120 participants, and to download soda bread competition information.

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