ATTENTION! ALL IRISH NEED APPLY! Museum’s 1916-2016 Campaign


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For hundreds of years, life in Ireland was determined in London.

On Easter Monday, April 24, 1916, from the steps of the General Post Office, Patrick Pearse read The Proclamation of the Republic, announcing the birth of a sovereign, self-determinedproclamation Irish Republic based on the ideals of liberty and equality for all Irish people, both men and women.  It is remarkable for its radicalism, inclusiveness and endorsement of equal rights for women – unmatched anywhere in the world at the time.

The Irish American Heritage Museum  is commemorating this seminal moment in Irish history with a year full of programs, exhibits, movies, lectures, theater performances and much more.   The Museum needs your help to sustain the commemoration of this  important event in Ireland’s and the world’s history.  Your tax deductable donation (the Museum is a federally registered 501c3 nonprofit)  directly helps fund 1916 projects including:

*The creation of the exhibit “Walking with Ireland into the Sun: Women Revolutionaries and the Easter Rising,” telling the story of women who planned and organized the Rising and fought alongside the men.

markievicz 3*Renowned Irish historian Tim Pat Coogan’s lecture  on Easter 1916.

* A lecture highlighting the Rising from a military perspective, given by retired New York State Museum Historian Robert Mulligan.

*Our 1916 movie series on the seven signers of The Proclamation of the Republic

* The Museum’s production of “Rising of the Moon,” based on the classic Irish ballad recounting the Rebellion of 1798.

* The online exhibit component of our 1916 series, where you can share your family’s story with us.

*The commemoration of Proclamation signer James Connolly’s contributions and dedication to ensuring women’s rights in Ireland stemming from his work onjames_connolly_swf behalf of thousands of women shirt-collar laborers a the turn of the century in Troy, N.Y.

The Irish American Heritage Museum is a permanently chartered 501(c)3 non-profit with an educational mission: To preserve and tell the story of the contributions of the Irish people and their culture in America, inspiring individuals to examine the importance of their own heritage as part of the American cultural mosaic.

As such, the Museum is unique in America, where almost 36 million individuals claim Irish ancestry.It is committed to the basic tenet that preserving one’s heritage is vital to providing a cultural and historical foundation to future generations of Americans.

Your contribution will help us to continue to tell the stories of the Irish in America.  Please join us and honor your Irish Heritage.


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