Archeology of Battlefield Landscapes in Co. Wexford, Ireland with Damian Shiels, PhD

The story of Ireland is sadly often punctuated with violence. From medieval warfare to the twentieth century struggle for Independence, battles have shaped the country that we know today. But despite their significance, many of Ireland’s battlefields remain little understood and protected, and some face existential threats.

Battles such as Clontarf (1014), Kinsale (1601), the Boyne (1690), Aughrim (1691), Vinegar Hill (1798) and the Easter Rising (1916), have been crucial turning points in Irish history. But how much do we know about the physical locations where these conflicts took place? How can we understand the landscapes of conflict? And why are these places, so critical to the shaping of the nation, at real risk of being lost or destroyed?

In this lecture, Dr. Damian Shiels will discuss some of these important issues particularly as they relate to Vinegar hill, site one of Ireland's most infamous battles. Damian is an archaeologist and historian with a particular interest in conflict archaeology and the story of the Irish diaspora. Damian is also the author of the fantastic Irish in the American Civil War Website and the Forgotten Irish Podcast.