The Bloodsucking Irish! A Lecture on Irish Gothic Literature. Members $5, Non-Members $8.

Irish authors have given us our most infamous vampric villains. Though canon says Dracula comes from Transylvania, we will argue that Drac is more Irish than Romanian! Join Maeve McEneny Johnson in a horror-filled examination of nineteenth century Dublin's Gothic writers. How does pagan folklore, Christian identity and Celtic pride, factor into the most famous bloodsuckers? Join us to find out!

Authors Examined: Charles Maturin, Sheridan LeFanu, Bram Stoker and Oscar Wilde.

Maeve McEneny Johnson was raised in an Irish Catholic household, Christened with a pagan name, has more books than clean t-shirts and she's been telling ghost stories since she was six years old. She has been a tour guide for the city of Albany for over 10 years and penned The Original Albany Ghost Tour, the first haunted tour about the city. She boasts a Master's degree in English from the University at Albany and currently works at the Discover Albany Visitor Center as their Education and Heritage Coordinator.