A Bond that’s Lasted Centuries: Orange Order’s Links to Scotland

This lecture will be held at the St. Andrew's Society, 150 Washington Avenue, Albany.
The Orange Order is often thought of as a uniquely (Northern) Irish Protestant organization, but in fact, there are Orange Lodges all over the world. One of the most vibrant Lodges outside of Northern Ireland is in neighboring Scotland. At narrowest point, only 12 miles separate the west coast of Scotland from the easternmost point on the island of Ireland. For centuries, Scotland has been closely bound to the province of Ulster – politically, culturally, and religiously. The Orange Order has, in both places, used its cultural celebrations as well as political advocacy to preserve this special relationship. This is meant to be a non-sectarian event that examines the spread of the Orange Order to Scotland and looks at the current strength of this bond as Brexit re-ignites calls for Irish unity and Scottish independence.

Abby Wise, MA will deliver this lecture.