POSTPONED: Dan and Bonnie Milner in Concert

This concert has been postponed. We will reschedule a later date.

Described by the Living Tradition as a veteran singer and scholar of high repute with an extensive repertoire which includes a seemingly fathomless song bag of nautical material, Dan and Bonnie will sing traditional Irish and Irish-American songs solo and in unaccompanied harmony.

Long recognized as a highly verbal and passionately musical people, the traditional songs of the Northeast Irish are important because they articulate attitudes and voices from a street-level perspective. Milner has long been a font of Irish folk song in numerous forms, including traditional ballads, maritime songs, Canadian and New England lumber camp songs, and Irish American popular songs. These songs describe the journey of the Irish immigrant and their integration with their new lives in America. "These are intensely Irish song about an intensely American experience. What you will hear will be what we sang as we settled here."