Digital History: The Past in the Future

The advancements in technology, social media and online archives have revolutionised the teaching and learning of Irish history. These platforms have given both professional historians and amateurs the opportunity to research from home, while also reaching larger audiences from all around the world through online content creation. But what are the pros and cons of digital learning vs the traditional ways of reading and lecturing? And, in an era of increasingly siloed populations, how do we deal with any misinformation that can be portrayed online? In this discussion, we will chat through the changes and opportunities that these online platforms have brought to the life of a historian.

Davy Holden is an Irish history content creator based in Co Kilkenny. With a passion for Ireland and its diaspora, he began creating videos in August 2022. In a year and a half, he amassed over 375,000 followers, released his debut book, traveled to the United States to perform Irish history workshops, and spoke at multiple universities and schools. Holden's aim is to make Irish history come alive through the lens of his camera and to preserve the stories passed down from our ancestors, ensuring they are never forgotten.