Dr. Anne Fogarty with Dr. Margaret Lasch Carroll - Bloomsday

Join us in conversation with one of the world's Joycean experts as we celebrate Bloomsday 100 years since the publication of Ulysses. Dr. Anne Fogarty, Professor of James Joyce Studies at University College Dublin, will discuss the famous novel with Dr. Margaret Lasch Carroll, trustee on the board of the Irish American Heritage Museum, and who has been leading a Ulysses Book Club here since September. The novel demonstrates that Joyce was a writer deeply embedded in Irish intellectual discourses and is a figure of vital on-going importance in the social and cultural debates of twenty-first century Ireland. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn about the living legacy of a book that has shaped Dublin’s identity, inspired the world, and topped Irish literature for the last 100 years.

Dr. Fogarty is the director of the UCD James Joyce Research Centre, editor of the Irish University Review, and President-elect of the International James Joyce Foundation.