Eviction and the Irish Great Hunger

During the 1840s more than 250,000 families, numbering over a million people, were forcibly removed from their homes. In this illustrated lecture, Dr. Ciaran Reilly explores who was evicted and why. Using estate rentals and newspaper reports, the talk will examine the nature of these evictions, depicting the awful spectacle that unfolded in every town and village in the Irish countryside.

Dr. Ciaran Reilly is an historian of 19th & 20th Century Irish History at Maynooth University, specializing in the Great Irish Famine. He is author of a number of books on the Famine including Strokestown and the Great Irish Famine & The Irish Land Agent. He is also co-editor of Dublin and the Great Irish Famine which will be published in September 2022.

This talk is the third in our new Great Hunger series to commemorate the 175th Anniversary of Black '47.