Film Club: After Braveheart. $5

In 1314, the Scots defeated their English oppressors at the Battle of Bannockburn. It was a victory that should have ensured Scottish freedom - but it didn't. Even after Bannockburn, Scotland's king Robert Bruce and his brother Edward remained uneasy about the threat of a renewed English invasion. The best form of defense was attack. They decided to invade Ireland and make Edward high king there. In this way they would unite the Celtic nations and drive the English back to their homeland. 

This is a story of two Celtic nations, a shared heritage and a forgotten war that could have changed the course of history. 

The drama/documentary was made for RTÉ, BBC Northern Ireland and BBC Scotland under a joint initiative launched in 2012 to fund television programs of interest to viewers in all three territories. We will show this film TWICE on Monday, at 3pm and 7pm.