Film Club: Guns and Chiffon (Women in the Irish Revolution)

Until recently, few women were given prominence in the long list of Kilmainham Gaol's political prisoners. However, after the 1916 Rising, seventy-seven women were held prisoner in Kilmainham for their part in the rebellion, and at the height of the Civil War in 1923 over three-hundred women, aged between twelve and seventy, were imprisoned there. This film is about those women. Made to commemorate the 80th Anniversary of the internment of over 500 women in the Free State because of their commitment to the ideals of the Republic, the film tells the story of the fight for national independence, from the 1916 rising, through to the War of Independence, the Civil War and the struggle for the rights of workers and votes for women. With amazing historic film footage, it includes the original voices of Teresa O'Carroll, Maud Gonne McBride, Helena Moloney, Nora Connolly-O'Brien, Louise Gavan Duffy, Margaret Skinnider, Sighle Humphries, Maire Comerford, Nora O'Connor. There is a surprising and poignant New York connection to - and it's not James Connolly! $5.