Heart and Hand: The Siege of Derry

The Siege of Derry was a watershed moment for the entire island of Ireland. Deposed and exiled, King James II believed that Ireland would serve as a launchpad in his quest to reclaim the throne of his three kingdoms - England, Scotland, and Ireland. Instead, he saw the gates of the walled city of Derry (also called Londonderry) shut in his face, to the rallying cry of “No Surrender” from the city’s inhabitants. Instead of being the springboard for James’s return to the throne, the Siege set the stage for the infamous clash between James and his nephew, Prince William of Orange, at the Battle of the Boyne a year later, an event that directly informs the island’s partitioned state even today.

All are welcome to this non-sectarian event by Abby Wise, which aims to describe both the events of the Siege as well as its lasting effects on the island of Ireland in the present day, especially as we approach the centenary of the partition of the island and the creation of Northern Ireland next year in 2021. Physical distancing requuirements means that only 15 people can attend this lecture, and must wear a mask. Call the museum on 518 427 1916 to reserve your space.