Letters to Albany: Civil War Memories

Robert Mulligan, Military Historian, will tell the stories of Albany soldiers who fought in the Civil War through the letters they sent and received from home. This is a unique look at war from the personal perspectives of those at the front and at home. During the four years of the Civil War, New York would send 474,000 men, 1/8 of New York's entire population, to comprise 1/5 of the Union Army. Ten regiments and one artillery battery would be raised in Albany County and Albany troops would play major roles and take casualties at almost every major battle of the Civil War. Albany's 43rd Regiment contained 5 companies known as the "Albany Rifles," 2 companies from NYC, one each from Montgomery County, Washington County and Otsego County. In total 2,327 men served in the 43rd. Of these, 813 were killed, wounded, captured, or died of disease. The 43rd fought at the siege of Yorktown, Lee's Mill, Williamsburg, and the Seven Days' Battle losing 71 killed, wounded and missing. The 43rd also took part in the battle of Antietam, Chancellorsville, lost 138 men at Salem Church and 66 in an assault on Marye's Heights and Deep Run.