Martin Van Buren and New York's Irish Community

Martin Van Buren's relationship with the Irish community in New York was rather incidental, developing in parallel to the rise of his career. The root of what became a favorable association between the two seems to be an inadvertent outcome grounded in political events that shook Ireland and America beginning in 1798 and continued throughout Van Buren's career/life. 

This presentation illuminates how the 1798 Rising of the Society of United Irishmen, America's Quasi-War with France, The War of 1812, Ireland's Great Hunger as well as other significant events that occurred in America and Ireland contributed to the state's history and helped to solidify mutual respect between Martin Van Buren and New York's Irish community.

Maryalice Montaya, a National Park Service Ranger, who has worked in the Historic Interpretation Division at the Martin Van Buren National Historic Site Kinderhook, New York for 3 years delivers this lecture.