Memories of 9/11 at Home and Abroad

At least eighteen Irish citizens (seven born on the island of Ireland) died on 9/11, as did scores of other people of Irish descent - from many of the financial workers in the upper floors of the Twin Towers to a significant number of the brave FDNY and NYPD members who tried to rescue them. This discussion will focus on the Irish and Irish American experience on that day. From Fr. Mychal Judge, officially designated Victim 0001, to the men and women who perished in the attacks, from the firefighters and police who worked at Ground Zero, to the construction workers who worked on the rebuilding of the World Trade Center, this lecture will discuss the impact of 9/11 on Irish America. In the years since the attacks, memorials both big and small have been built throughout the United States and across the globe. The most immediate ones were impromptu - garlands draped on a parked car it became clear no one would claim, notes and photographs taped to fences and walls around New York City, candles placed outside of Ladder Company fire houses. Five memorials have been built in Ireland and we will also discuss the communities in Ireland that have commemorated the event.