The New Irish State and Literature with Ambassador Daniel Mulhall

Join us on June 30th, 7pm for a virtual fireside chat with Ireland’s Ambassador to the United States, Daniel Mulhall.

Ambassador Mulhall will discuss the early days of Irish independence and how two writers encapsulated the contradictions that often seemed to be at the heart of the fledgling state. James Joyce, the modernist writer whose major work was banned in America until 1933, and William Butler Yeats, the Celtic Revivalist, who was often sharply critical of the new state so harshly, provide valuable insights into the advent of Irish independence and its aftermath.

Torn between the challenges of establishing a newly independent – and Catholic – state, and honoring the ideals of the 1918 Democratic Programme, Ambassador Mulhall will analyze Ireland’s emergence onto the world stage through the work of two of her greatest writers.