St. Brigid's Day with Eddie Lenihan

Celebrate Imbolc and St. Brigid's Day with one of Ireland's "national treasurers" - famed story-teller Eddie Lenihan. Eddie tells us some stories about St. Brigid and other fearless and healing Irish women.

Haunted places, fairy paths, holy wells: Eddie's researches them all. In fact, whatever involves walking the landscape, talking to old people, hopefully glimpsing the Otherworld, interests him. This is reflected in his books 'Meeting the Other Crowd,' an anthology of testimonies from believers in the fairy faith, and 'Defiant Irish Women,' about some of Ireland's most noted strong-willed women.

A native of Co. Kerry but long-term resident of Co. Clare, he is an author, storyteller, lecturer and broadcaster and one of the few practicing seanchaithe (traditional Irish lore-keepers and tale-spinners) remaining in Ireland.