St. Brigid's Day at the Museum

Brigid, both goddess and saint, has been an essential part of Ireland’s faith and culture for millennia. In 2023, her February 1st festival will become an official holiday in Ireland for the first time.

As the Embassy of Ireland in the US says, Brigid’s name can be translated as ‘the exalted one.’ And, over recent years, her festival has come to be an exaltation of Irish women. Storyteller, women’s community leader, and Irish Studies scholar Marisa Goudy will bring both the mythology and hagiography of Brigid to life.
Blending the historical with the spiritual and the ecological, you’re invited to immerse yourself in the many layers of Brigid lore. Marisa will share stories of Brigid and invite you on a journey into your own imagination to meet the goddess, the saint, the embodiment of the divine feminine that transcends traditions and embodies the land and spirit of Ireland.

The ancient Irish festival of Imbolc has long honored Brigid and celebrated the coming of spring. This event offers some hope and inspiration in the midst of a long New York winter.

Marisa is the host of the KnotWork Storytelling podcast, a show dedicated to sharing the mythology and folklore of Ireland and exploring why these ages-old stories still matter today. She is the author of The Sovereignty Knot: A Woman’s Way to Freedom, Power, Love, and Magic, a book that blends memoir, Celtic mythology, and the archetypes that shape women’s lives.

Join us at 6.30 to make your own ST. BRIGID'S CROSS with Julia Richards!

This event will be held in person at the museum.