Triggering the Protocol: Brexit and Northern Ireland, with Dr. Richard Aldous and Dr. Peter Moloney

Join Richard Aldous, PhD, the Eugene Meyer Professor of British History and Culture at Bard University, and Peter Moloney PhD, as they discuss Brexit, British politics, and the implications of the “Protocol” for Northern Ireland and the Good Friday Agreement. A Brexit deal known as the Northern Ireland Protocol allows trucks to deliver goods without having paperwork and goods checked when they cross the border from Northern Ireland into the Republic of Ireland. This arrangement was easy to maintain when both states were part of the EU, as they automatically followed the same EU trade rules, which meant no checks were required. But since Brexit and when it came into force at the start of 2021, the protocol has disrupted trade between Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The UK has suggested it could suspend parts of the arrangement by triggering part of the protocol known as Article 16 – thus breaking international law, and setting up the UK for a major clash with the EU.