The Uncanny in Tana French

Tana French took both the literary and popular fiction worlds by storm with her first novel, In the Woods, in 2008, an Irish police procedural that delves as much into the psyches of the troubled investigators as it does the solving of a murder. Since then she has published six more novels, five of which are told through the eyes of different investigators in the Dublin murder squad. All French's novels have met with international acclaim, and she has attracted a loyal and ever-expanding readership. In October, she'll be releasing her eighth novel, The Searcher. Irish literature often hints at the supernatural, the unnatural, and the preternatural, and Tana French's fiction is no exception. She mingles elements of crime, murders, and mysteries with a smattering of the inexplicable.

In her lecture, Meg Carroll will discuss French's use of the uncanny. What better time to poke around in the bizarre, than Hallowe'en? There will be a chance to join in a discussion of French's fiction during the lecture.