dublind1.jpgThe Irish American Heritage Museum is committed to preserving and telling the story of the contributions of the Irish people and their culture in America, inspiring individuals to examine the importance of their own heritage as part of the American cultural mosaic. The Museum possesses artifacts, books and papers that support our mission of education.

We invite inquiries about donations and/or loans of historical and archival materials that can be integral to educating the public about the Irish experience in America. Donors should be able to provide information related to current ownership and the historical provenance of the item(s) being considered for the Museum’s collections. Initial evaluation of the item(s) being offered will be made by the Museum’s staff who then will determine presentation to the Museum’s Collections Committee for final consideration.

For more information about the Museum’s collection procedure, or to inquire about making a donation or loan, please call the Museum at (518) 427-1916 or email the Museum at  or write : The Irish American Heritage Museum, 21 Quackenbush, Albany, NY 12207

List of Library Holdings


Included in the collection of the Museum are the archives of the Ancient Order of Hibernians.  A working list of what is held in this collection can be found below.

AOH Inventory