Irish History & Genealogy

Learn How to Research Your Ancestry

Library Picture.jpgHave you always been proud of your Irish last name, but don't know anything at all about how your family got here? Have you been searching for years to find a place of origin for your Irish ancestor? Have you visited Ireland and felt a connection but don’t know how to make that connection on a more personal level?

Genealogy, or the study of your family’s history, can help. Through genealogy research, it’s possible to find out when and where your long-ago relatives came to this country, learn how your Irish ancestors earned their livelihoods and spent their time, even to pinpoint exactly where in Ireland they lived, down to the plot of land!

Modern technology has placed many of the resources to answer questions about your heritage at your fingertips. Unfortunately these tools can turn into a confusing maze for those who lack the time, experience, or patience to fully utilize them.

Part of our mission at the Irish American Heritage Museum is to help people connect to their Irish heritage. Lisa Walsh Dougherty is available at our museum monthly to assist patrons in person, and regularly gives lectures on Irish genealogy around the Capital Region of New York State.  Check out Lisa’s website here

Do you have a question about how to track down your family’s Irish heritage? Our genealogist can answer general questions, or is available for hire for more in-depth analysis of your brick wall, or from-the-beginning research. lisalaoised.jpgDon’t spend any more time wondering–reach out and let us help you discover how Irish you really are! Check our Upcoming Events calendar for our next genealogy workshop at the Museum or call us to learn about when our resident genealogist will be available to assist in person.

Our resident genealogist, Lisa Walsh Dougherty, has nearly 20 years experience making these connections, helping people in the USA discover the specifics about their Irish roots.