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The Art of Kevin McKrell

Celtic folk singer songwriter Kevin McKrell was a founding member of Celtic Folk Band Donnybrook Fair ,and the Celtic Bluegrass Band The McKrells. He has performed in mckrelltheaters ,clubs and on festival stages across the United States, Canada , Ireland and Scotland His songs have been recorded or performed by artists from around the world including ,The Kingston Trio, The Furey Brothers and Davy Arthur, Seamus Kennedy, North Sea Gas, Hair of the Dog ,Wood’s Tea Company ,Bob Shane, The Dublin City Ramblers and many more . Kevin and his bands have performed for audiences at the top Celtic, Folk and Bluegrass festivals . Carnegie Hall , Lincoln Center, Troy Music Hall, Berklee Performance Hall , Proctors Theater, Saratoga Performing Arts Center. The Landmark Theater Syracuse, Milwaukee Irish Festival, The Great American Irish Festival, Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, Winterhawk Bluegrass festival are a few of the top venues where Kevin and his bands have appeared. Kevin is also a award winning painter and sculpture as well as partner and creative director of Celtic Attitudes Clothing Company.



Upcoming Exhibits

James_Hoban_circa_1800_-_CropJames Hoban: Architect of the White House

James Hoban’s life is a memorable Irish-American success story. In his boyhood he learned the craft of carpenter and wheelwright, and became an architect by profession and a builder by trade. Hoban came to America with high ambitions, and designed and erected many buildings; but what keeps his name alive today arises from one special commission—he was the architect of the White House.

Much about Hoban’s life and personality remains a mystery. In his own time he was not the legendary figure he has since become. His personal and business papers, mostly lost in a fire in the 1880s, survive only in scattered drawings, public and legal documents, and newspaper notices. These sources reveal what is known of the details of his life.

Hoban’s contributions to the early growth and development of Washington, D.C., as architect, builder, mason, captain of a militia company, civic leader, and pillar of the Roman Catholic community, maintain his memory and reputation to this day.

Seanachie Eves – Gaelic Storytelling Concerts at the Irish-American Heritage Museum (IAHM), 370 Broadway, Albany New York   7:00 PM – 9:00 PM beginning January 9, 2015

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Cost/Contribution Members of IAHM $5/person $12/Family; Non Members $10/person, $25 family- Reservations suggested please call (518) 427-1916   Tax-Deductible Contributions to IAHM always appreciated.,

Evenings in the Spirit of Celtic Storytelling – Albany is the home to many stories, many launch at the top of State Street hill. The Irish American Heritage Museum is pleased to re-introduce the Seanchai, the traditional Irish Storyteller, to downtown Albany. The Seanachie were travelers, carrying stories and news between hamlets and families. For the price of a warm meal, they’d share stories of the old ones and lively tales of romance and blarney.  There would be music, smiles, a bit of learn’in, and a bit of carrying on.  In that spirit join us for, stories, fine fellowship, and fun.  If you haven’t visited the IAHM this will be a fine opportunity to view current exhibits.

Seanachie Eves Schedule January – May 2015

January   9,  2015 :  Stories and Songs of Irishtown and Adirondack Lore Dan Berggren and Joe Doolittle – The IAHM currently has an exhibit on Irishtown, a hamlet in Minerva, New York, settled in the early 1800’s.  It’s people were new to the country and worked the land, timbered the forest and dug in the mines. Dan Berggren grew up there ‘on land famed by his family for generations.. The award-winning musician and educator has developed a style that captures the spirit of the mountains and shares the feelings of this special place on the south side of the Adirondack High Peaks in his songs, and stories.  He is a talented troubadour and entertainer. Joe Doolittle is a regional storyteller with a lifelong love affair with the Adirondacks, and it’s people and will share tales of the place where the “Mountains stand up together”  For more information http://irish-us.org/

February  13, 2015  –Stories to Warm a Heart in Winter –  Lorraine Hartin-Gillardi/ Karen Pillsworth/ –  For several years, Karen and Lorraine have been active in producing the Celtic Festival, Hooley on the Hudson, in Kingston, NY.  They bring this heritage and enthusiasm to their performances and are known to captivate listeners. Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi is an author and storyteller based in the mid-Hudson Valley. Her book Wisdom in the Telling: Finding Inspiration and Grace in Traditional Folktales and Myths Retold contains stories that reveal the universality of all human beings, reminding us that we are not alone.  Karen Pillsworth has been sharing her stories for 30 years in libraries, schools, camps, churches, and festivals. She is regularly featured at Mohonk Mountain House and was named the Storyteller Laureate for the city of Kingston, NY. 

  March 13, 2015  Come Into the Parlor:  Irish Mirth, Myth, and Memory- Tale-telling by Mary Murphy and Marni Gillard

Marni Gillard, is a well-known regional storyteller and author of Storyteller, Storyteacher (Ann Izard Storytellers’ Choice Award winner), She has a long interest in Celtic culture and stories,  In 2010 &2011 she brought to the area an acclaimed one-20man performance of Granuaille (Grace :O’Malley) who like her contemporary Elizabeth 1, was Irish woman in a man’s world and as a role model for those marginalized by political power.  Mary Murphy is a regional writer and storyteller who has performed regionally at Proctors, and Story Sundays  and nationally at  the Hawaii Storytelling Festival. the Clever Gretchen Storytelling Festival at Syracuse University & National Storytelling Festival. Widely known for her humorous and family tales, her stories have been published in the anthologies: Give a Listen and A Solstice Evergreen.  T’is sure to be an entertaining evening!

April 10, 2015 Stories of  *Spring Green, Fair winds and Flowers – Open

May  8,  2015 – Life and Story of Jeanne Robert Foster ; Eileen Egan Mack  Jeanne Robert Foster (1879-1970) was a child of the  southern Adirondacks. The oldest child of a lumberjack and a school teacher she was known by her penname Jeanne Robert Foster. By the end of her life, she had been a famous beauty model, a poet, a journalist and a social reformer. She left behind a rich legacy of prose and poetry which recreate the world of the 19th century Adirondacks as few others have done.  Join us as her life, times and perspectives are re-created by Eileen Egan Mack regional storyteller . Eileen discovered the works of Jeanne Robert Foster several years ago and was compelled to put together a one woman show in which she portrays the Adirondack writer and tells the stories of the Jeanne’s Adirondack neighbors of yesterday. Join us for stories that will echo in your memory.


For More Information: Ryan Mahoney,, Executive Director, Irish American Heritage Museum, 370. Broadway. Albany, New York 12207, rmahoney@irish-us.org








The Museum’s Rich History of Acclaimed Exhibits

Over the last two decades, the Museum has developed and produced a number of very successful exhibits.

  • “The Irish and the Erie Canal” In keeping with its mission, the Irish American Heritage Museum presents its newest exhibit “The Irish and the Erie Canal.” This exhibit reveals the historical contributions of the Irish to the planning, designing, engineering, funding and construction of the Canal. This famed achievement transformed early America, and in particular New York City, into a world economic power by linking the Great Lakes and the interior of the young nation to the Atlantic Ocean and the world.
  • “Dublin: Then and Now.” Our internationally acclaimed exhibit of stunning photographs portrays life on the gritty streets of Dublin and in its “docklands” in the late 1950s and early 1960s. It likewise portrays life in Dublin in the same areas during the first decade of the 21st century to reveal the transformation in Irish life over 50 years.
  • “Soldiers Are We: The Irish in Military Service” tells the story of centuries-long service of the Irish to their homelands.
  • “The Irish in Music” chronicles the contributions of the Irish to music in our culture, including writers, composers, performers and entrepreneurs.
  • “Corporate Irish” celebrates the lives of the men and women who rose to powerful positions in the business world and helped shape the economic future of the United States — from the colonial period to many contemporary entrepreneurs.
  • “The Irish and Labor” reveals the contributions of the Irish to the American labor movement.
  • “An Gorta Mór: The Great Hunger” chronicles the tremendous impact of the Irish famine in the mid-19th century.
  • “Fire Upon the Hearth” celebrates the contributions of women of Irish heritage in America.
  • “Go and Preach the Kingdom of God” tells about Irish religious and how they clothed, fed, housed and educated the waves of Irish immigrants that flooded America’s shores.
  • “Presidents of Irish Descent” is the story of our 20 presidents who claim Irish ancestry.

All of the Irish American Heritage Museum’s exhibits are available for presentation on a loan basis and are in great demand. In 2010, the Museum presented “Dublin: Then and Now” at the Irish Consulate in New York City, the Commodore Barry Irish Center in Philadelphia, the Gaelic-American Club in Fairfield, CT, and the Waterford (NY) Senior Citizens Center. The same exhibit drew international acclaim in 2006 when the Museum became the first American Museum of its kind to exhibit at Ireland’s National Library in Dublin.

The Museum’s various exhibits have been on display in such venues as the Children’s Museum of West Virginia; the Heritage State Park Visitor’s Center, Lawrence, MA; the Kerry County Library, Tralee, Co. Kerry, and the US Embassy in Dublin Ireland; The Margaret Mitchell House, Atlanta, GA; the Milwaukee Public Library, Milwaukee, WI; the Trade Center in St. Paul, MN; the Louisiana State Museum in New Orleans; the Kansas City Public Library, Kansas City, MO; the Hatikvah Holocaust Education and Research Center in Springfield, MA; the Arlington Heights Historical Museum, Arlington Heights, IL; and the St. Petersburg International Museum, St. Petersburg, Florida.